Lester Martin

technology leader, trainer, architect & programmer

My 25+ years in multiple software development roles (programmer, data modeler, architect, trainer, PM, BA, manager & director) utilizing mainframe, client/server, distributed, web, e-commerce, and most recently, Hadoop & Big Data technologies to develop internal applications & external products coupled with my hands-on "player/coach" leadership style has prepared for me for challenges in the daily stand-up, the executive boardroom, and everything in between.

What I'm doing...What's next...
Leveraging all of my past experiences, I'm extremely fortunate to be evangelizing & advocating Hadoop, Spark and related Big Data technologies as a trainer & consultant with Cloudera (originally Hortonworks).A technology leadership tour of duty with an organization who can benefit from my generalizing specialists perspective and my sound leadership principles and experience.

Want more?

This Confluence space is where the majority of my own content posted to the web is housed.  The wiki (see Pages in the left nav) itself is still storming & norming, but my Professional Blog has been relatively active and has driven > 30K views/month with its current focus on Hadoop-related topics.


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