NiFi Cheat Sheet

Pretty solid NiFi intro blog post >>

NiFi (and other HDF/CDF components) SE training deck >> (Cloudera-internal)

UpdateAttribute Processor

ETL-ish references

UpdateRecord Processor

Blog about Wait/Notify processors >>

Pausing a particular FlowFile a period of time before being processed again.  Some options include:

Load-balancing a list of files with ListSFTP and FetchSFTP >>

Scheduling & invoking a flow as a batch activity

Nifi & Kafka partitioning line up >>

NiFi Expression Language Cheat Sheet >>

Retry Loop Template >>

RDBMS integration

Custom processor development >>

Leveraging external scripts (STDOUT responses become a FlowFile to be leveraged in the rest of the flow definition)

"Repositories" Details and Configuration

HDF/NIFI Best practices for setting up a high performance NiFi installation >>

Thoughts on Yield Duration and Penalty Duration settings for processors >>

Controller Services scoping/availability >>

SDLC with NiFi Registry

Example of using InvokeHTTP processor to read/write to Dropbox REST services;

Hosting REST services ON NiFi

Offloading (flowfiles from) a node >>

Atlas Integration